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Zeolite & Heavy Metal Testing

People always ask “does zeolite really work?” Despite all the amazing testimonies, I did a heavy metal test before taking zeolite, and after.

At the time I did the heavy metal test, I wasn't using toxin free shampoo and conditioner. I was still using aluminum deodorant because I couldn't find any that actually worked (at that time), and I still had breast implants. I waited a year before I took the test again. In that time, I switched my deodorant and started using toxin free deodorant. I had my breast implants removed.

I lived in Washington when I first had the test done. I had a reverse osmosis system as well. I took the second test after moving to Kansas. My naturopath doctor said she thinks the Uranium went way up from the water in Kansas. I was drinking the fridge water (which is so bad) until I could get another reverse osmosis.

This test isn’t really necessary, as EVERYONE has heavy metals in their body. I had to go to a naturopath to have the test done, but Everlywell has a Heavy Metal Test for cheaper.

You can order the Heavy Metal Test here.

You can order zeolite here.

Please note: This information is for educational purposes only. Consultation with a licensed health care practitioner is recommended for anyone suffering from a health ailment.

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