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Ditch & Switch Deodorant

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

I would say that deodorant is definitely one of the most important swaps you can make on your toxin free journey. It can also be one of the hardest to switch.

What toxins can be found in mainstream deodorant?

  • Aluminum: Linked to breast cancer in women, prostrate cancer, and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Beware of deodorants labeled “aluminum free” as they are typically loaded with other toxins.

  • Propylene Glycol: Can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver, and heart.

  • BHT: A toluene-based ingredient that’s used as a preservative, potentially endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic.

  • Mineral Oil and Petrolatum: A petroleum waste product that has to be deodorized and chemically bleached before it can be made into wax.

  • Triclosan: Classified as a pesticide by the FDA, classified as a probable carcinogen by the EPA.

  • Parabens: Disrupt our hormonal balance, which puts us at an increased risk for hormonal cancers. Linked to birth defects and organ toxicity.

  • Phthalates: Linked to a higher risk of birth defects, may disrupt hormone receptors, and could increase the likelihood of cell mutation.

  • PEGs: Independent studies show that most polyethylene glycol compounds remain contained with the carcinogen 1,4 Dioxane.

  • Phenoxyethanol: May harm your central nervous system and cause depression, kidney damage, skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness.

  • Fragrance: A loophole in the labeling industry that can hide over 3,000 ingredients.

  • EDTA: Not a toxic ingredient by itself, but it’s a penetration enhancer. So when it’s paired with toxic ingredient, it helps them to penetrate your skin deeper.

Even companies who were once clean have sold out, like Native and Schmidt’s. Since the buy-outs they’ve started changing the ingredients and adding the dreaded “fragrance".

How can you ditch the toxins and still ditch the odor when switching to toxin free? Pit detox! Mix equal part Apple Cider Vinegar and Bentonite clay to make a paste. You can add in activated charcoal for an added boost. Apply to your armpits (as often as 3-4x per week) and let dry completely. This helps pull all the toxins out of our system and can help eliminate excess odor.

Earthley makes a pit detox that you can buy here. If you experience a rash when switching to clean deodorant, you definitely need to do a few pit detoxes. There is a small percentage of people who are sensitive to baking soda and that very well could be you, but typically the rash resolves after detoxing properly.

Thankfully there are a ton of options for clean deodorants.

Here are some safer options:

  1. Primally Pure (the charcoal scent is my favorite) (use code STEPHRYAN to save 10%)

  2. Attitude Living

  3. Earth Mama Organics (use code STEPHRYAN to get 15% off)

  4. Earthley

  5. Simply Earth (BO Be Gone Essential Oil Blend)

If you plan to order any of these, I would so appreciate it if you could shop directly through the links above. I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support my mission while still being able to best serve you and my family.

For more safe swaps, check out my safe swap guide here.

Please note: This information is for educational purposes only. Consultation with a licensed health care practitioner is recommended for anyone suffering from a health ailment.

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